Enterprise Resource Planning, From A Leader Among Top Consulting Firms

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Collaborative planning. Clearly defined expectations. Measurable results.

Compared to other leading enterprise resource planning solution providers, ACCENTRAN stands out as one of the top consulting firms with qualified experts, a commitment to success, and a long list of prominent references. But it's our approach that truly sets us apart - combining a precise yet flexible process, personalized service, and a collaborative attitude. This combination enables us to deliver more cost-efficient, higher-value results to meet your short- and long-term enterprise resource planning solution objectives.

At ACCENTRAN, we understand your business and what drives your requirements - and we know how to adapt that knowledge to your unique circumstances. At every stage of your enterprise resource planning project, we listen to your needs, your concerns, and your objectives so we can craft the best solution for your success.

As we work closely with your internal decision makers, all enterprise resource planning goals, activities, deliverables, and metrics are clearly defined and mapped into the project plan. This ensures a clear, upfront understanding of requirements, needed resources, and anticipated measurable outcomes - and enables our project team to be highly responsive and accountable for meeting all expectations throughout the project cycle.

Results that empower your success from ACCENTRAN, a top consulting firm:
  1. Maximized return on investment (ROI) and minimized total cost of ownership (TCO)
  2. Increased operational efficiency and business process efficiency
  3. Better intelligence for analytics and forecasting
  4. Increased visibility, clarity, cost-efficiency, and value
  5. A complete enterprise solution that integrates all cross-functional activities into a cohesive program
  6. Minimal business disruption resulting from organizational transformation

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