Company Overview

ACCENTRAN is a global business consulting firm providing strategy consulting, SAP integration services, SAP consultant services, and enterprise data management. Additionally, with specialized SAP and EDM staff augmentation services, ACCENTRAN can help you fill gaps in your knowledge base or complete important projects.

WHY CHOOSE US: ACCENTRAN understands that you have a choice when it comes to SAP enterprise solutions. Your choice, invariably, will come down to two factors:

  • Extent of pertinent expertise and quality of the consultants;
  • cost of hiring consultants.

ACCENTRAN has years of experience implementing and managing SAP Enterprise solutions for some of the world's largest and most sophisticated corporations as well as medium-sized companies in the United States. ACCENTRAN will provide you with the responsiveness and personal attention seldom found at other SAP systems integrators. Our attention to detail and ability to cater our clients unique needs to align with the overall business objectives of our clients results in a cost-effective and aggressive approach to resolving Enterprise System Solutions in a timely manner . At ACCENTRAN, you get the best of both worlds: top-notch representation at a fraction of the cost of a larger consulting firm. Finally, ACCENTRAN understands the value of each client, serves as the backbone and unifies its consulting offerings with consistent communication, with template-based modular design, reusable, object based processes and RapiDesign modeling.

Our Vision

ACCENTRAN'S, vision is to continuously improve on our skills, in our specialized areas of expertise, and embrace our clients to accelerate the knowledge transfer rate and insure successful implementations of projects we engage. It is this Trusted Adviser role that will allow us to act as a true partner throughout these initiatives.