Enterprise Data Management Solutions

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The right data makes all the difference.

Data is at the heart of SAP - and the quality of that data determines the success of your SAP solution. In fact, research has shown that 30% to 50% of trouble tickets opened in SAP can be traced back to a master data error. When inaccurate or inconsistent data is transmitted across complex enterprise application architecture, it can have serious impacts on your organization - including operational inefficiencies, customer service delays, poor regulatory compliance, and even significant financial losses.

ACCENTRAN's enterprise data management solutions experts will work with you to create a solution for correcting, verifying, and managing data across your enterprise. We can help you develop and apply the appropriate policies, procedures, standards, governance, and tools required to create, maintain, and share high-quality data throughout your business. The result is a comprehensive EDM program that supports your business goals and objectives - and delivers a substantial return on investment (ROI).

ACCENTRAN provides enterprise data management solutions services that span the entire SAP program life cycle - from strategy definition to program execution to ongoing operations. Our EDM approach leverages the value of business-ready data to drive operational effectiveness and business intelligence (BI) initiatives. We offer unparalleled EDM experience across a range of systems and a proven methodology for identifying and delivering an end-to-end enterprise data management solution that meets your needs.