Enterprise Application (SAP) - SAP Implementation

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A history of successful SAP implementation - with a focus on efficiency, costeffectiveness, and personal attention.

ACCENTRAN knows SAP. Since our beginnings implementing R/2, we have successfully developed, implemented and supported SAP enterprise solutions for hundreds of clients across a range of industries and markets. We offer highly competitive pricing, the best consultants in the business, and the right SAP solutions for your needs - delivered successfully the first time, every time.

ACCENTRAN's SAP implementation practice offers:

  • Flexibility - Our SAP implementation approach, centered around the ACCENTRAN Empowerment Methodology (GEM), is highly scalable to improve efficiency and contain costs. Each SAP project team is ideally sized to support your specific SAP program needs, promote knowledge transfer to your staff, and become true partners for success in your organization.
  • Experience - Our consultants are highly experienced, senior-level specialists with advanced expertise in the industries we serve. They understand your business challenges and have the technical knowledge to solve them.
  • Commitment - ACCENTRAN is dedicated to achieving your goals, meeting your timeframes, and delivering the results you expect.
  • Partnership - Our team works with you as long-term partners - not one-time vendors. By offering the best value in SAP implementation solutions, we help you maximize your total return on investment (ROI).

ACCENTRAN can work with your organization to assess your current business and technical processes and develop a roadmap for your success. Contact us today to find out how an enterprise application project can help your organization reduce costs, integrate disparate systems across your enterprise, achieve greater ROI, and implement a more adaptive and responsive business model.